Be the first to rent Boom Blasters from Bette's Bounces. Kids love Boom Blasters. Boys and Girls of all ages can play.
A young boy is trying his luck with Boom Blasters. Rent Boom Blasters from Bette's Party Rentals. A young girl is pumping away, having fun playing with Boom Blasters she rented from Bette's. The balloon for the Boom Blasters game just popped! You should see the excitement on the childrens face when you rent Boom Blasters from Bette's.

Boom Blasters are rented in pairs because it is a game where players or teams compete against each other. Place a balloon on the tube at the base of the Boom Tower. Pump the Detonator, filling the balloon with air. As the pressure rises and the balloon expands, it presses into popping points on the inside of the tower's two arcs, and -- BOOM! -- there's a winner. Place two or more games side by side and you've got a Boom Blasters Challenge - first to burst wins.
$159 per pair. Full Day Rental